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Sell your products at FarmTable!

Many of the items at FarmTable are available year-round!

We're always accepting applications for new vendors at our FarmTable storefront! Eligible products for sale at FarmTable will have been grown, fished, or produced on Oregon’s north coast. As we head into winter, we’re especially interested in value-added products that have a long shelf life or that make great gifts for the holidays.

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at FarmTable, head to our website to check out our policies, and to fill out our Vendor Application Form; or contact Julia Wentzel at We also offer information on product liability insurance, ODA licensing details, and other resources for new producers of edible food products.

And though the summer months are over, we still have lots of fresh produce for sale at FarmTable! We’re open. Hope to see you there!


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