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The Flow of FarmTable, Tillamook’s Year-round Local Food Market

Food Roots and the FarmTable store have become a staple for many in Tillamook County, offering an ever-expanding selection of the best our local vendors have to offer. But how does the whole system work?

Let’s start on Tuesday at 5pm: the ordering window opens for customers. By this time, our vendors have updated their weekly product offerings, listing the freshest and best for your choosing. As a customer, you have until Saturday at midnight to place your weekly order. We like to give you five days because life happens - some Tuesdays at 5pm you’re at home on the couch, dreaming of next week’s meals and some Tuesdays at 5pm you’re hiking at Cape Lookout. We get it! Take your time, order when you’re ready!

With the market closed on Saturday evenings, our website does it’s sorting and gets everything prepped for Sunday mornings when our vendors are sent their pick list for the week. These lists detail each and every product purchased during the order window that our farmers, fishers, ranchers, and makers need to harvest, package, and bring to our store by Tuesday mornings. For some vendors, we simply need to pull from our in-store inventory of frozen or shelf stable foods, get them packaged for transport, and the job is done. For our farmers, though, this means heading out into the field, harvesting items and ensuring the product and quality is at its peak freshness. From there, products head to be weighed, cut, cleaned, and otherwise prepped to be sent to the Farm Table store on Main Avenue!

Once we’ve received all the products, Joy begins packing up your order from all the various vendors we work with, dividing between store pickup, delivery, and each pick up location. Tuesday mornings, our delivery driver Jared comes to the store and picks everything up for distribution and we begin the week again at 5pm.

Food Roots is excited to supply nutritious, sustainable local products to our community - not only getting food directly to your dinner table, but into local schools, businesses, and restaurants.

With each dollar spent, you can be sure that your money goes back into this community, helping support the doers and makers of Tillamook county.


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