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Students and Families Get a Head Start on their Gardens with Free Seeds

Our Farm to School team and beloved community volunteers have been sorting thousands of seed packets and assembling kits for Tillamook County families who have preschool through high school students. We're putting the final touches on and can't wait to send out the packets this spring!

It has been a year since the pandemic hit and closed schools to students and our in person lessons. Back in March 2020, we launched a seed distribution project with support from Oregon Food Bank and Tillamook County Library seed donations, and provided vegetable, herb and flower seed packets to over 500 interested families across all three school districts. At the time we thought this project was a one-time response to the pandemic, but we learned from our community's response - and the sight of gardens sprouting up all over the county! - that we should do it again!

Students in Tillamook County are returning to hybrid in-person school (hooray!) and we're continuing our seed distribution for a second year to meet the interest received from families for more seeds for home gardens. Growing a garden of any

size is a great way for the whole family to explore science, new foods, and the natural world! One parent reached out to us recently stating: "This summer my boys received seed packets through their schools (from Food Roots). Each of my boys had their own garden this summer where they planted and cared for their seeds. They were so proud of their veggies/flowers. They learned they loved pumpkin bread this fall after their pumpkins were used for that purpose. They have on and off over the fall/winter been discussing the gardens they will each grow this spring/summer!" We love hearing your stories and hope you will continue to send them to us!

Pictured is team member, Rachel Pettit, sorting seed packets from Oregon Food

Bank this March, headed to families across the county in the coming weeks!


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