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June Proclaimed "Celebrate Local Food Month" by Tillamook BOCC

On Wednesday, May 31st, Food Roots staff attended the monthly Tillamook Board of County Commissioners meeting presenting a declaration request to proclaim the month of June as "Celebrate Local Food Month."

We are thrilled that the BOCC agrees with us in the importance of celebrating local farms, fisheries and producers and all they do to nourish our community.

Food Roots works year-round to support local farmers and food producers as well as creates and facilitates ways in which our community can directly access this good food for their families.

June marks the start of high season for local produce farmers, Tillamook celebrates its annual June Dairy Parade and Farmers Market Season is in full swing with all five of the counties Farmers Markets opened by, or beginning in June.

We hope that this annual recognition of Celebrating Local Food will bring more awareness to the rich abundance and all that our beautiful North Coast community has to offer.


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