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Food Justice is Racial Justice

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

At Food Roots, our mission is to grow a robust and equitable food system for Tillamook County. An equitable food system cannot exist within an inequitable society, which means that food justice is also racial justice. We cannot accomplish our work if we are silent about the unjust treatment of our fellow Americans.

Our hearts are with George Floyd, his family, and with countless other black human beings who have lost their lives to or have suffered from an unjust system. If we are to build an equitable food system, our work must include efforts to end systemic racism and oppression.

That means using our voice in our community to challenge systems of racism and injustice. It means seeking out and listening to black and other underrepresented voices in an understanding that we are primarily a white-led organization. It means continuing to prioritize opportunities for our staff and board members to learn about diversity, equity and inclusion, and to engage in self reflection.

Food is foundational. It brings people together. But it cannot heal racial injustice. We can only do that ourselves, each of us individually, as members of our community. We are committed to doing that here at Food Roots as part of our mission and, more importantly, as part of our North Coast community.

Food Roots stands for racial justice. Please consider seeking out and supporting Black led, anti-racist organizations and movements. In Oregon this includes the Black Food Sovereignty Coalition, Equitable Giving Circle, and Mudbone Grown. Please also consider reviewing this US Food System Timeline that shows the history of food injustice in America, developed by the Oregon Community Food Systems Network, which is comprised of over fifty organizations working to support food systems and food justice work.


Lauren Sorg

Food Roots Executive Director and team members


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