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Announcing Our First Annual Local Seafood Stock Up Shopping Event!

Oregon’s North Coast is known in the Pacific Northwest for its delicious seafood bounty. Along with the Tillamook Farmers Market, we are offering North Coast residents an opportunity to bulk order online NOW through Tuesday September 22, at 9am.

This online shopping event is the first of its kind and a great opportunity to stock up on local seafood and meet your local fishers.

Shop the following items at FarmTable’s online local marketplace:

Tre-Fin Foods

  • $105 - 5lb Box of frozen wild fish, includes flash-frozen day boat albacore tuna, black cod and rockfish fillets.

  • $75 - 5 lb Box flash-frozen dayboat albacore loins

  • $88 - Pack of 12 - Sea salt albacore 6oz retort packs (usually $8 each)

  • $176 - Pack of 24 - Sea salt albacore 6oz retort packs (usually $8 each)

  • $66 - Pack of 12- Smoked albacore 3 oz retort packs (usually $6 each)

  • $132 - Pack of 24 - Smoked albacore 3 oz retort packs (usually $6 each)


  • Canned wild albacore tuna 12 pack - $87

  • Canned wild albacore tuna 24 pack - $168

Smoked seafood chowder from Salmonberry Commons. Contains house-smoked Garibaldi rockfish, clams, pork belly, potato, Bennett Family Farms milk, Oregon sweet corn, and dill. Sold by the quart (32 oz is 2 bowls or 4 cups).

Fish Forward Food Boxes from FarmTable, featuring frozen and shelf-stable seafood along with local, seasonal produce for a total cost of $55. Includes local salad, braising greens, seasonal veggie, frozen filets and packaged tuna, eggs or milk, cheese, and a treat!

Shoppers can pick up orders Saturday, September 26th from 9am-2pm at the Tillamook Farmers Market (200 Laurel Ave, Tillamook) and are encouraged to bring a cooler to transport their purchases to ensure they stay frozen. This event supports local fishers as well as Food Roots’ efforts to build vibrant local food systems throughout the North Coast.


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