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CSA Shares

CSA Shares offer a way for communities to buy produce directly from local farmers.


CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a model that provides customers with weekly boxes of fresh, seasonal produce, while supporting farmers with income early in their growing season. 

We partner with local farms to make these CSA Shares available at our FarmTable Storefront. At this time, CSA shares generally run from June through October or November. Each farm selects their own dates. 

How does it work?


Customers sign up for a CSA Share at the beginning of the growing season and pay up front or on a payment plan. Sign-ups for these generally start in late winter or early spring. Food Roots will list information for partnering CSA farms to this webpage when that information is available from the farms.


The CSA shares are harvested on a weekly basis, providing customers with regular access to the freshest produce around. Farmers harvest whatever is in season, offering consumers a chance to try a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 


In addition to bringing fresh produce to consumers, CSA Shares offer a commitment to farmers that provides them with income and steady customers, allowing them to offset some of their early-season costs and weather some of the risks inherent to farming. 

Full-sized CSA Shares usually provide enough food for three to five people; most farms also offer half shares that feed one or two people, or other more flexible options. Details on participating farms can be found at the bottom of this page. Customers can choose to pick up their shares at our location in downtown Tillamook, or at another convenient pickup point determined by the farm!

SNAP/EBT Payments for CSA Shares

Food Roots accepts SNAP payments for CSA Shares on behalf of our partnering farms! In addition, we provide SNAP customers with Double Up Food Bucks to reduce the overall cost of the CSA share, further increasing the affordability of local food. There are flexible purchasing options, please ask. 

Register for your CSA Directly with Farms

Please note that this year registration for all CSA shares (including SNAP CSAs) will occur directly with farms. Please visit the farm websites below to choose and register for a share plan that works best for you.

For shares purchased with SNAP/EBT and Double Up Food Bucks, Food Roots will work with farms and SNAP customers to process those payments.

Participating Farms




CSA Details​

Now Accepting CSA Reservations!

SNAP/EBT eligible for 1/2 off of total share

  • 22 weeks, June to November

  • Pickup in Rockaway, Nehalem, and Cannon Beach

  • Choose between a Customized Share for $640 or Farmers Pick Share for $620!

  • SNAP/EBT customers are encouraged to sign up and receive 1/2 off of their total price.

  • Food Roots partners with Moon River to help SNAP/EBT customers pay the portion of their share over a 5 month period.

(503) 753-6327 | visit website

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