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Tasting Tables with Farm to School

One of our favorite things about farm to school is tasting new foods! This fall, our team put on twelve Tasting Tables at Nehalem, Garibaldi, Nestucca and South Prairie elementary schools. We've tried carrot and beet slaw, roasted winter squash, and Asian pears, and overall 70% of student who tried these foods had a "loved it" or "liked it" positive response. We only use Oregon-grown produce for our tastings, and try to use Tillamook County produce as much as possible! 

Big thank you to these farms for their delicious produce: Moon River (Nehalem, carrots and beets). Fawcett Creek (Tillamook, apples and winter squash), Circe's Garden (Tillamook, carrots), Odonata Farm (Hebo, winter squash), and Kiyokawa Family Orchards (Parkdale, pears)!

Aristotle with carrot and beet slaw at Nehalem, and Nicholas during the Asian pear tasting at South Prairie.


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