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Food Roots Capital Campaign

As Food Roots continues to grow, we are in need of a new, permanent home. Our FarmTable local food storefront has exploded in popularity since the onset of the Covid-19 global pandemic and our sales continue to increase, straining our current space, equipment, and resources. As we work to implement a new Fresh Food Delivery Project in 2021 that will provide FarmTable delivery options to our customers and those most vulnerable and in need in our community, the need for additional space and upgraded equipment has become clear.


This expanded capacity will allow us to move more food through FarmTable and onto our community's tables, increasing support for our local farmers and food producers while serving our customers and community members in need. We need your help to better create a vibrant local food economy on Oregon's north coast. Please support our capital campaign with a donation below.

Thank you for your support!

Make a donation in support of Food Roots' capital campaign!

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PO Box 1275, Tillamook, OR 97141

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