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Locally Grown Guide CoverFor years, Food Roots has been producing a guide to local food with support from community partners such as North Coast Food Web and OSU Extension, Tillamook.

Our food guide is a directory of local farms, farmers markets, farm stands, seafood at local docks, and other north coast food outlets and resources. Restaurants, groceries, institutions and processors seeking locally-grown products can use this guide to find farms and seafood outlets that are interested in expanding their current markets. Ask your favorite restaurants and stores for locally grown food to help our farm and fishing industry keep growing!

We currently have two guides, the printed Tillamook County Locally Grown Guide (to be released as inserts in the Headlight Herald and North Coast Citizen, and available in other locations, Spring 2016), and an online guide (North Coast Food Guide), to be enhanced in the coming year. 

Explore the links below for each guide » 

  • Tillamook County Locally Grown Guide (print – 2016, and available here as a PDF) 
    • This guide is for food producers of Tillamook County and will be available in print in Spring 2016. 
  • North Coast Food Guide (online)
    • North Coast Oregon and Southwest Washington Farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and value added/processed food producers are all encouraged to create their own listings in this guide, including specific product details and how/where products can be purchased.


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