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Designing a Home Orchard workshop

Photo credit: First Alternative Co-op

Sunday August 2 at Alder Creek Farm in Nehalem

Instructor: Anita Azarenko, OSU and LaMancha Ranch & Orchard

Considering the climate on the north Oregon coast here some important things to consider when selecting the type of tree fruit and which variety:

  • Bloom time: Will the weather be favorable for pollination, and will it be warm enough for pollinating insects to be active when the tree will be blooming?
  • Ripening time: e.g., Granny Smith apples are very late ripening so not suited for growing on the Oregon coast.
  • What size tree do you want? Choose a dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstock if you don’t want to be up and down a ladder for pruning and harvest.
  • How soon do you need your trees to bear fruit? Another advantage of dwarf trees is you can be harvesting fruit just 3 or 4 years after planting whereas you’ll need to wait about 12 years if you plant a standard sized tree (i.e., a tree not on dwarfing rootstock).

Handouts & Further Reading:
Resource list, including links
Notes from presentation
Workshop presentation slides (pdf file) available by request. Slides include variety lists, ripening times, photos and much more.


Fall & Winter Veggie workshop


Photo credit: Loretta Mills

Sunday July 12 at Alder Creek Farm in Nehalem

Instructor: Chris Konieczka, Clackamas Community College

“Should I plant my fall vegetables later this year since it has been so hot?” asked a student at the beginning of the workshop. Chris Konieczka replied, “From my farming experience, I’d say don’t try to predict the weather.” and suggested using the recommended planting times presented in his powerpoint presentation and handouts as a starting point for a good chance of success. Chris went on to explain about various considerations for fall and winter vegetable production and encouraged students to try new things and experiment. He also emphasized the value of record keeping, whether it’s jotting down notes on the garden stake with a morning cup of coffee, or an organized computer spreadsheet. Plan ahead for your Thanksgiving meal Chris suggested, use this information to have fresh produce from your garden when you want it.

Powerpoint presentation [pdf]
Planting Calendar handout [pdf]

Further reading:
Winter Harvest Handbook, by Elliot Coleman
Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, by Steve Solomon
Maritime Northwest Garden Guide, by Oregon Tilth


More workshop handouts from the Winter 2015 workshop series will be posted here soon. Please contact us with specific requests.


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