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IDAs/Matched Savings Accounts: Learn about our Individual Development Accounts, a 3:1 matched savings program to grow business skills and capital!

North Coast Food Guide: Get your products to market via this online, searchable local food guide!

FarmTable: Want to sell product at farmers markets but start off small? Learn about Food Roots FarmTable project, a farmers market incubator.

Other Farmer Resources

AGGIE Bond Program
The purpose of the Beginning and Expanding Farmer Loan Program (aka Aggie Bond Program) is to provide affordable financing to new farmers for financing capital purchases. Business Oregon works with the borrower’s local lender to provide this financing. Business Oregon issues a tax-exempt bond for the amount and with the terms of the loan. Because the interest income to the lender is exempt from federal income tax, the lender is able to charge a lower rate to the borrower. The loan and the bond are secured solely by the collateral required by the lender and are not obligations of Business Oregon or of the state of Oregon. Because the lender assumes all credit risk, the lender makes all credit decisions.
Loans may be used to acquire agricultural land, new depreciable property or used depreciable property in conjunction with agricultural land. Aggie Bond proceeds may be used to finance the following agriculture related purposes:
Up to $250,000 for the purpose of depreciable agricultural property (including equipment, livestock, feed, fertilizer and seeds) for first time farmers;
Up to $62,600 on used equipment for first time farmers; and/or
Up to $509,600 for farmland purchases.

iFarm Oregon Program
Access Friends of Family Farmers’ iFarm database; search for Oregon farmland and other great resources.

SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education)
Find information related to grants, techincal resources and professional development for Ag professionals, and much more!

ATTRA (NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project)
Are you looking for the latest in sustainable agriculture and organic farming news, events and funding opportunities? The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service covers these topics, plus offers in-depth publications on production practices, alternative crop and livestock enterprises, innovative marketing, organic certification, and highlights of local, regional, USDA and other federal sustainable agriculture activities.

Beginning Farmer Resources through ATTRA for guides like these:
Agricultural Business Planning Templates & Resources
Guide to Growing Safe Produce on the Farm
Enterprise Budgets & Production Costs for Organic Production
Evaluating a Farming Enterprise
Financing your Farm: Guidance for Beginning Farmers
Market Gardening: a start-up guide

ATTRA-Listed Sustainable Farming Internships
Attra’s online directory of on-the-job learning opportunities in sustainable and organic agriculture in the U.S. (and some in Canada) is a tool to help farmers and interns connect with each other. List your farm internship here, or find an internship in your area.

Oregon Tilth
Oregon Tilth offers educational events throughout the state of Oregon, and provides organic certification services to organic growers, processors, and handlers.

Oregon State University Small Farms Program
Oregon State University Small Farms provides information for the commercial small farmer as well as the small acreage landowner. It is hosted by the Oregon State University Extension Small Farms Program.

Food Hub
Food Hub is an online marketplace and interactive directory of producers, professional food buyers, and the associates that serve them both. Large or small, organic or conventional, direct or distributed, FoodHub connects food professionals of all kinds in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and California. FoodHub is a social venture business of Ecotrust.

Oregon Department of Agriculture
Food Safety begins at the farm and ends at the consumer’s table. The food chain includes the steps that food undergoes from production, processing, storage, and transportaion, and lastly, food preparation by cooks and consumers. The Oregon Food Safety Division of the Oregon Department of Agriculture works with producers to ensure food safety. Visit their website to learn more about food safety regulations.

Beginning Farmers is an effort to develop a comprehensive and up to date compilation of information resources for new, experienced, and potential farmers, as well as educators, activists, and policy makers interested in the development of new farm enterprises.
Oregon Farmers’ Crop Donations receive 15% Tax Credit, learn more.

Rogue Farm Corps
Rogue Farm Corps (RFC) trains the next generation of farmers and ranchers through hands-on educational programs. RFC’s programs combine hands-on training, classroom learning and farm-based experience on a diverse network of commercial family farms in Oregon. RFC offers real world opportunities for both the beginner and the advanced farmer seeking in-depth training to launch their own farm business.

Oregon Farmer Crop Donation Tax Credit
February 14, 2014 – As preparation for spring planting begins, the Oregon Senate has unanimously approved legislation that would give farmers a tax credit for donations to hunger relief organizations. SB 1541 now goes to the House.

Farmers Markets

Manzanita Farmers Market
Contact: Market Manager, Emily Vollmer at

Tillamook Farmers Market 
Contact: Market Manager, Dawn Beyer at or call 503-812-9326 (please note that phone calls received will be returned Thursdays – Mondays).

Pacific City Farmers Market
Contact: Market Manager, Dawn Beyer at 

Neskowin Farmers Market
Contact: Market Manager, Nancy Hadley at


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