A good deal of Food Roots work involves community organizing, through people and networks, in order to impact change in our community through food production and access to that good food. Listed below are some successful projects and networks centered around organizing the community to impact our local food system:

Tillamook County Good Food Alliance

The Tillamook County Good Food Alliance is a network of community members representing a range of local organizations, including local food pantries and Oregon Food Bank, farmers’ markets, for-profit businesses such as the Tillamook County Creamery Association, school districts, churches, county libraries and others. The mission of the TCGFA is to “improve overall health in Tillamook County through local access to good food.”  The TCGFA has identified a number of needs in Tillamook County around local food access, including:

Food preparation & storage
Economic development
Access to tools and resources
Waste management
Emergency food preparedness

For more information about the TCGFA, contact our office at info [at] or 503-815-2800

Community Food Assessment 

Food Roots, in partnership with University of Oregon’s  RARE program (Resource Assistance for Rural Environments), hosted by Oregon Food Bank, facilitated a county-wide food assessment in late 2013. This report is a result of dozens of conversations with the people who make the Tillamook County food system so unique. Please contact Food Roots for more information about how you can get involved in shaping the future of our local food system. Read the full Tillamook County Community Food Assessment – Released Summer 2013. 


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